Tuesday, March 13, 2012

every girl is a closet masochist

oh shut it, you /know/ it's true.

cuz' no matter how much we moans on our life's dramas, deep in our heart we just knew how much we lived every moment of it.

i mean come on, we are girls. we have this little thing called /intuition where we have this shady inkling on just how deep of a shit we're getting into.
getting into an unstoppable trainwreck, not for the promise of heaven beyond but for the sake of that special someone who asked you to hold their hand for the journey.

and you /know/ you'll get on board.

you would.

we all would.

but hopefully, you would found someone to nurse your wound at the end of the day. someone that would hold you to stop and see rather than rush and crash.

but where's the fun in that, right? we would just keep crashing and reviving ourselves and commence the violent cycle a repeat, over and over again.

but bear in mind, for each time we crashed, someone else died.


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