Saturday, April 28, 2012

tips for MUET speaking

while giving my friend some muet speaking tips earlier it occurred to me that maybe i should make a post about it. 
this is just my take on an effective interaction in speaking, i'll be delightful if there's any point that u find would be any sort of help to you. :)

first, practice your intonation and made less stumbling so your speech would sounds more smooth and fluent. i suggest u do some reading aloud and practice your tongue on pronouncing tricky words, u may go look up some tongue twisters.

other tips i can give for /during/ the test;
upon receiving the topic, do mind map. when others are busy listing things, u just sit up straight, take a breath, and scan the whole question. this is to gain pre-confidence level. how to make mind map? easy. just use the 5Ws trick. (who what where why how) and then work your idea around it. it's always a good strategy of brainstorming. during this time, don't force your mind to think of words u don't remember, or else u'll just making it easier to get stuck on ideas and wasting your time. just phrase it simply. 

when speaking/interacting;
sit up straight. make eye contact with other candidates while you're speaking and when they're speaking. this is a very important tips, i'll repeat it again; [make eye contact. like seriously look them in the eye. believe me this would gain u a power to hold yourself better.]
do not look down and buried your concentration in your paper. do not hold your paper. if your nervous shows on your hand, hold a pen. or fold it in your lap. all the while maintain your passive-active reaction to other candidates. occasionally smile and nods when appropriate and support other candidates' points that are especially would be relevant in supporting /your/ point.

the key factor here would be for you to naturally be the center of interaction here. if u're doing it right, u'll find other candidates leaning and focusing their attention and discussion around you.

don't give up! ^^/

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  1. love your tips darling, I am sure it will help the candidates. Eyh?