Saturday, November 5, 2011

blogger tag!

um. hi. just making my yearly mark on da blog ohoho -.-

so i've been tagged by Rahman in this entry which kinda caught me off guard haha (given that i haven't been updating in so long and i thought everybody has forgotten me)

moving on, here's the result of said tag;

Rules of the game :

1. You must post this rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new question for the people you tagged to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
6. No tag back.

Eleven things abt myself, eh? hmm let's see.. :

1. starting with the basic, my real name is Sarah Najihah.

2. for some reason, i do not like ppl calling me najihah. even my parents/family didn't call me that so don't start to feel all special calling me najihah out of nowhere. you'd be frowned upon /very/ hard.

3. i have this some sort of allergy towards pineapple. i could barely stand a bite.

4. i love to read fanfiction (online, ofc) and i read a lot of it.

5. i'm a night owl. reason? i can only find quiet and peace at night and also, it's when the net connection is at its best lol

6. ironically, i love to sleep too (just not at night where i should orz)

7. i really HATE to be kept waiting. if u refuse/cancelling it/couldn't make it on whatever it is, just TELL me, or fucking CALL to inform me. i would simply stop waiting rather than being hung up like a fucking idiot. (sorry, it's obvious that this happened to me recently)

8. i'm the type of person that you would love to hate if u didn't know me and would hate even more if you get closer to me wuahaha

9. but i'm exactly the type of person to go to if u need a harsh-truth advice. blatant honesty is my best policy, and i would /never/ turn you down if ever u come to me to seek for an advice. that i promise.

10. always end up attracted to the type of guy i hate.

11. incredibly short-sighted but hate to wear glasses (which ended up harboring wrong perceptions in others because i couldn't be able see their face when they're smiling/said hi to me)

aaand to answer the questions from my dear rahman:

Apa nama betol and penuh hang? nama dalam ic.
sarah najihah binti mazelan

Kenapa ber blog? no xnak reason yang cam bangang and self righteous, sila bagi jawapan jujur.
because i think my thoughts are so damn ~cool and ~creative that it needs to be shared

Umur please..
almost sebulan lebih lagi nk masuk 21~ ohoho (currently 20)

Weight ko skang? hahaha kalau blogger pompuan aku rasa mesti xjawab ni
recently 41kg (timbang kt bilik guru haha)

Setuju x yang media masa di Malaysia ni lame gila sebab pro pada parti politik, xde yang mainstream yang betol2 bebas bersuara?
/srs bns qstn needs srs bns answer: yup. whether printed or online it's all blatantly typical

Kau kalau tengok senarai new entry kat Dashboard biasa x main skip skip sebab taw blog tu xbest tapi follow jugak? haha
bukak Dashboard pn tak ahahah

Are you in a relationship right now?
putting aside my pseudo 'relationship' with my gay best friend then, no.

Pernah main kayu tiga?

Pernah jadi mangsa curang?
no. (penyebab curang adela. uhum)

Apa cita-cita zaman kecik dulu?
this is so embarrassing to tell lol but, um. fashion designer hahah not because i love to play dress-up, it's because i love to draw designs of clothes

Favorite cartoon time kecik2 dulu pe?
Sailormoon and Dragon Ball yg TV2 pernah siar kul 9/9.30 pagi dulu hahaha

and now my turn to shoot 'em questions:

1. what is your childhood nickname?
2. what years from now that u think u'd be at the highest point of your life?
3. what are you scared of the most right now
4. give one skill that you sure you have it in yourself
5. pick one low point that u're closer to; ignorant or scornful
6. do you believe in friendship between male and female?
7. do you think /you/ can handle such friendship?
8. (for girls) have you ever made the first move? (for guys) have a girl made the first move on you?
9. pick a word for yourself
10. pick a word to define me
11. your favorite emoticon (mine is ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) lol )

pheww..! that's it for now. that's pretty fun i'd say. i guess i had to thank Rahman for giving me no choice chances to update my blog lol.
and one more thing, tbh i don't really like this whole chain-tagging thingy, i only find fun in answering the questions. so if ever you find yourself being tagged by me you have no obligation to tag others, it's enough that u only answers the questions :) (and i doubt i even have 11 ppl to tag to begin with lol)

comments/questions? forward it below! :)

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  1. pssstt , najihah comel what ! hihi...
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