Friday, June 24, 2011

oops i did it again

so sometimes i would have this random daredevil (re: berani mati) moments with my actions or words.

okay i'm normally not like those over-the-top girl in everything they do but i sure damn can when i wanted to.
enough yapping, lemme list some of the exhibits of my daredevil moments, mostly those that concerns boys (because we all know that's where the interesting part was):

exhibit A: sending a msg to a boy with; "i like you, do u like me?" without further explanation or excuses.

exhibit B: telling a guy that "i want you and i wanna fight for you" on the phone.

exhibit C: nonchalantly leaving  highly suggestive remarks like i was commenting on the weather.

exhibit D: promptly backfired a guy's douche remarks on fb (in which i think i should be applaud for, cuz no    one seems to have the balls to do it)

exhibit E (the latest one): hitting up a guy that i've never talk to on fb chat and saying; "oh. i added u cuz i think ur cute"

and some others that i think i'd better leave it safely in my secret drawer.

okay before you think that i'm an upfront type of girl, lemme tell you that i'm honestly not. i didn't do it on daily basis, just singling out some memorable ones as evidences. cuz if u know me personally in real life, u'd know that i'm not a social butterfly, especially around guys. usually i would pull my tight face and promptly scaring any attempt of "hi".

that's why most of my rendezvous happens through static lol (cyber, phone line), because i'm just that of a fail at face-to-face social skill. and the only thing i'm damn good at is my words so mostly i could only managed to pull it off flawlessly through the line.

which brings to my point that most of my daredevil moments was spurred from my words.

boy, the troubles that i've gotten into because of that innate talent of mine. the thing about me is, when i have something i like or don't like i would say it without doubt of the consequences. and if i don't mostly that was just because i was lazy to attract nuisances (rather than trouble lol).

also, one thing about my daredevil moments was i back it off as soon as i said/did it. soon after:

exhibit A: (after getting excuses as reply) "oh, ok"

exhibit B: (after i can't take it for like, 2 secs of agonizing) "it's okay, i know the answer the moment u started talking"

exhibit C: (after seeing the reactions) "lol"

exhibit D: eh i would never back off from this. douche is a douche and need to gets told

exhibit E: (not waiting for a reply) "wow ignore that haha" -_-'

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