Saturday, May 21, 2011

still a quiet, reserved girl who drapes on sarcasm to make for an excellent defensive coating.

hola minions o/

yeah. keeping true to my failure to keep with commitment, i have been postponing my blog updates till' now lol. but thank you anyway to those who are willing to dedicate their most precious 5 seconds of their life to read this. but be careful, long read is long.

as a great sum of my fb friends already know, i've been busy with my campus's language camp for the past two weeks. what's a language camp? it's a subject that's been made compulsory for all Diploma Tesl semester 2 and 4 students to take. it's basically a camp where u'll make a fool out of yourselves in most of the activities but have the most fun in doing it. (okay that part may vary to some)

the language camp

okay tbh i like this year's language camp compared to the previous one when i was in semester 2. reason is i feel like i owned this year's camp, i had a fair share of everything. i lead, i direct, i win and i lose. not to mention the great chemistry i have with my juniors and fellow members. it's like a complete package of self-improvement lesson, one that i'm sure i'll never be able to forget for a long time.

my favorite part of the camp was the acting activities lol. ngl, the preparation was a bit pain in the ass. but for all it's worth, i'm pretty happy with the results, my performances and the overall group play. we had two acting activities, one which called the Bedtime Stories and another called Puppet Show. i played two separate characters; Clarabel the (mmou! :D) Cow for Bedtime Stories and Pinocchio for the Puppet Show.

our theme for both play was a lil' bit different with one another, in which our Bedtime Stories theme was a happy one and out Puppet Show play was (unexpectedly, i'd say because we didn't plan it to be) a sad one.
and my self-conclusion is that i think i'm good at playing a sad, tragedic character lol (cases in judgement: last year's Hamlet and this year's Pinocchio). idk, it just seems that it's easier for me to express pain more than happiness.

yeah pics or it didn't happen:

no, his wish to become a real boy did not come true

ridiculous, yes? but idc lol mmou!

i wish for the best to all my juniors for their next language camp! remember, just have fun and spare all those grudges you have with each other. own it, not in the way of winning but in the way of a winner.

the teaching practicum (insert: OMG OMG NERVE-WRECK)

so all of us Teslians semester 4 has already been assigned schools for our teaching practicum next semester (which is less than 3 weeks asfgkhqj;aa).
i got SK Bukit Nanas, Tepoh Kuala Terengganu and our batch (me and my two other friends) are the first ever from our university to be sent there. talk about pressure, eh?

am i nervous? well yes i am. while i rarely get nervous about a lot of things, this matter are surely not one of it. i honestly took this teaching task seriously, one which i really can't bear to fail at. i took it seriously not because it's my passion or anything, it's just that i find any jobs that deals with shaping human's future and development are a very heavy task to do. and i will be dealing with kids, a group of human age phase in which i'm not that contained with. aaand even if i try, i don't think i could be a friendly teacher orz. (how funny that the teachers i used to hate during schools are those strict-ass English teachers lol)

i also made a few personal rules regarding my teaching practicum phase:

  1. don't give out phone numbers
  2. don't give out Facebook account name
  3. don't be too strict, losing my patience or something close like that
  4. don't be too lenient
  5. don't mess with other teachers aka just play their underdogs for a while as long as i can take it
  7. finish every lesson plan. -_-"

so that's about it for now. i really wish for the best to my other Teslian friends too in their practicum. let us all pray that nothing bad (or controversial, uhum) happen to any of us during the phase. when something unhappy happens, just remember all those good memories we had during our very first real-life teaching experience in Tadika YIT. those children's faces will never cease to make me smile.

!random irrelevant bonus: me in a cage

okay chow o/